Push Out by Monique M. Morris


“Why do adults get mad when strong girls ask questions? “They say I’m disrespectful. That’s my label, disrespectful, ‘cause I always got something to say…..[They keep] telling me, ‘Sometimes you got to bite your tongue.’…I don’t know how to do that, though.”

Read about Monique Morris’ work to seek justice for criminalized Black girls. She argues that Black girls use their voices to resist, and that tool for survival should not be silenced, but rather cultivated and prized.


Snowden by Ted Rall

Get the true story of what Snowden did and who inspired him to inform the public (via journalists) that the US government really could do a 1984 and use cameras and smart TVs to look in peoples’ living rooms, not to mention monitor emails and cell phone calls. #educateyourself #privacy #snowdenfiles #quickread

City of Darkness by Ben Bova

Manhattan is under a dome. Ron is under the pressure of a controlling Dad. He is forcing Ron into a career he abhores. he decides to run, to have one last adventure in New york City. It is forbidden. It contains all the contamination. No one is let in, and no one there is allowed to leave. Ultimate act of redlining here because the only people remaining are poor, starving, fighting. Once there, his ID is stolen and he can’t get out. He gets robbed, trapped, and falls in love, all in a day, in a dark world full of gangs and misery and scarcity. #dystopia #futureisbleak #NYCteenlit

The Tao of Wu

“I think most of my approach to life has been like that, to find order in chaos, to be in the middle of a bunch of things happening at the same time, but find focus. I strive to be like the sun sitting in the middle of the solar system with all the planets spinning around it–millions of things going on. It’s just sitting there being the sun, but exerting gravitational effect on everything. I think man should look at himself that way. Similarly to the sun or to the nucleus of an atom, and all the confusing things going on around him are okay as long as he’s staying focused on what he’s doing as long as he’s being himself.”