Adding new settings to our kid lit shelves

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Here is a helpful list of blogs sites, publishers and book stores who publish or review books that reflect the lives of our students in NYC.

Our studentsĀ need windows, yes, but mirrors too.


Schools around the World: Sites for you to browse

Here are some links about kids around the world and their school days.

How is your school day different? How is it the same?

How do kids get to school? Check this slideshow out.

This is a slideshow of a Kazakhistan school.

What is life like for a kid in KENYA?

How many days a year do kids go to school in different countries? Check this web site out.

Kids made this site. Just click on the country and find out what a kid’s day is like when they are from a different country. Differences are good! China, Australia, India, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Russia, and many more.

There are a list of sites here to find about a day in the life of a kid in Egypt, India, Mexico, and Cameroon. Also there are sites about schools in Japan, Germany, and England.

Want to see pictures of schools around the world? Click here!