Beyonce by Kathleen Tracy

by Gigi

This book talks about her early and late struggles about becoming a famous actress song writer and singer.

Her supportive family helps her through good and bad times in her career life.


Alicia Keyes by John Bankston

by Gigi

Alicia Keys is an amazing talented woman who is a singer. She was born in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. She grew up with hard work child and adulthood bringing hard times.

Will her struggles of becoming famous work? What instruments did she play?

The audience loved her when she played the piano and her struggles started pressure but came to a big success to a time where her dream finally comes true.

Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson

by Gigi

The Book Hellen Keller is a story about a deaf and blind child. What made her blind? She had a very bad sickness. Did she overcome her successes in life? Wow, what an amazing success Helen Keller is for a deaf blind. She learned braille, sign language and she even wrote books– that amazing! You should read this book because most likely it will broaden your interest in learning about deaf blind people.